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Updated VYHA Covid Policy—Effective April 1, 2022

As of April  2022…

This policy is subject to change in the event developments related to COVID-19 pose an increased risk to the VYHA community and its ability to facilitate programming safely.  This policy will be reviewed regularly, and any changes will be communicated via Short Shift emails.


Policy and Definitions

VYHA’s COVID policy applies to all registered participants with the organization.  This includes players, coaches, team managers, and all other registered volunteers.

VYHA will follow the current CDC recommendations found at .  Specifically, VYHA will adhere to the CDC’s definitions of “fully vaccinated,” exposure, quarantine and isolation.

Vaccination Status

If VYHA does not have a record on file of your vaccination, you will be considered unvaccinated which will impact your return to play date.  Proof of vaccination is NOT required.  It is 100% voluntary.   Proof of vaccination status can be provided by a photo of the vaccination card to


Masks are recommended but NOT required for VYHA participants.

Locker Rooms

Use of locker rooms is permitted.  It is recommended (not required) that participants practice social distancing whenever possible.

Team First Mentality

VYHA is asking that all participants adopt a team first mentality.   Health and safety decisions should be made with proper consideration for the risk the participant’s health condition poses to that of the team.  Common sense should prevail.  Be vigilant!  Ex. If a VYHA participant is exhibiting ANY Covid symptoms, they should NOT attend ANY VYHA activity until they have been cleared by the VYHA Covid Advisory Group (AG).


  1.  Notify your team’s head coach immediately if VYHA participant is (or has been)…
    1. Exhibiting ANY symptoms
    2. Is positive for Covid
    3. Known exposure to Covid
    4. A member of the household is Covid positive
  2. Stay home until a return-to-play date is provided to you by the AG and/or your head coach.
  3. Head coach will submit a detailed report to the AG.
  4. AG will review the report and will provide a return-to-play date and requirements to the participant within 48 hours. 
    1. As noted above, all decisions will follow the current CDC regulations.
    2. Do NOT attend any VYHA activity until a return-to-play date is provided.
  5. NOTE:  in some instances, proof of a negative Covid test may be required for the participant to resume VYHA activity.